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lighting Lamp fixture

Dongguan shangyou lighting products and sales of high quality environmental protection and energy-saving lighting lamps and lanterns project, USES the high quality of lamps and lanterns lamp body is made of high die casting aluminum forming, 5 mm thick toughened safety glass, phosphating coating treatment on the surface, beautiful and easy;High purity aluminum reflector, high reflectivity, uniform illumination;High temperature resistant silicon rubber sealing ring, lamps and lanterns can maintain good sealing at high temperature;Light electrical integration, easy installation, strong and durable;Protection grade: acuity IP65, etc. According to different purposes of lamps and lanterns of materials will be different.
According to the light source matching lamps and lanterns can be divided into: Induction lamp fixture , MH/HPS lamp fixture and lighting lamp fixture, Outdoor LED lamp fixture.
According to the design and application: omni (project-light lamp), the stadium lights, tunnel light, street light head, high canopy lights (industrial and mining lamp), explosion-proof lights, commercial lighting to shoot the light, tube light and grille lamp etc lighting lamps and lanterns.
Engineering lighting lamps and lanterns from can be used to highways, urban main road, bridge, tunnel lighting, industrial lighting, landscape, designs city-lighting, station, airport, square, port terminals, gas station, stadium, stadium, fishing vessel lighting, shopping malls supermarkets, brand stores, hotels, residential area, tourist attractions, such as all kinds of engineering lighting and commercial lighting field.

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