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Low frequency/high frequency Induction gas station light

Dongguan from the low-frequency electrodeless lamp lighting professional production and distribution, high frequency electrodeless lamp supporting electrodeless lamp oil lamp lamps and other accessories, electrodeless lamp oil station is specially designed for gas station lighting lamp.With professional design of lamps and lanterns of gas station, not only can make the driver within a certain distance clearly identify the position and highlight the brand logo of gas station, and energy saving effect can achieve in the day-to-day operations. Over 50% of energy than conventional lighting lamps and lanterns. The minimum initial investment cost and daily operation cost, to achieve energy saving benefits. The lamp body USES die-casting aluminum lamp shell, surface coating, corrosion resistant, strong and durable;Separation of the electrical box, improve heat dissipation performance, extend the life of the lamps and lanterns;Matching type high strength tempered glass or PC lampshade, pervious to light performance good, beautiful and easy, durable;Protection grade: IP65;Simple installation and maintenance, easy operation, low cost;Matching illuminant: low-frequency electrodeless lamp (80 w / 150 w / 250 w), high frequency electrodeless lamp. Light efficiency is high, the light is downy, uniform illumination, the average service life 100000 hours, color rendering index > 90 features such as;Electrodeless lamp oil station from lighting lamp has been widely used in large gas stations, garage, warehouse and other indoor lighting.