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Solar Garden light

Dongguan Shangyou lighting professional manufacturers to provide you with a full range of solar garden lamp (height: 3-4 m) contains the solar cell components, batteries, intelligent controller, high efficiency and energy saving light source, light pole, installation materials specifications and quotation.
Sunlight as the energy, solar street lamps to battery charging through the sun solar panels during the day and night use battery to power a load, without complex and expensive pipeline laid, can be arbitrary adjust the layout of the lamps and lanterns, safety and energy saving no pollution, no manual work is stable and reliable operation, saving electricity maintenance free.
Solar Garden light generally smaller power, lamp holder is 6 w and 9 w, typical current is increased by the way, 12 w power, can be done with high efficiency and energy saving light source: energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED lights
Solar garden light is mainly suitable for city road, squares, industrial parks, scenic spots, parks, green belts and other places of lighting