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MH high bay lightHPS high bay light

Dongguan shangyou lightMetal halide lamp factory lamp also known as industrial and mining lamp, high shed lamp, ceiling lamp, mainly consist of the electrical box, chimney and light electrical appliances, factory lights, industrial and mining lamp electrical box is made of die-casting aluminum a forming, surface electrostatic pensu processing, corrosion resistance, durable;Chimney, chimney with high purity aluminum sand surface oxidation treatment, excellent optical performance, durable, chimney can be divided into the deep and wide as chimney, deep according to type of plant lights general reference to a large workshop height 6 meters, or widely according to the type of plant lights generally applied in the medium or small workshop height 6 meters or less;Supporting the use of high quality metal halide lamp or high pressure sodium lamp light source, metal halide lamps and lanterns with high photosynthetic efficiency of up to 100 lumens per watt, light colored temperature is close to 6000 k, high color rendering Color rendering index above 90, etc., the factory matching illuminant light/mining light power contains 35 w to 1000w.Metal halide lamp factory lamp used in factory workshop of different environmental requirements can choose us different design and configuration;Scope: manufacturing facility, shopping malls, supermarkets lighting or toll station, warehouse and other large rooms.

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