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Solar street lamp

Dongguan Shangyou lighting professional manufacturers to provide you with a full set of solar street lamps include solar cell components, batteries, intelligent controller, high efficiency and energy saving light source, light pole, installation materials specifications and offer solutions. Sunlight as the energy, solar street lamps to battery charging through the sun solar panels during the day and night use battery to power a load, without complex and expensive pipeline laid, can be arbitrary adjust the layout of the lamps and lanterns, safety and energy saving no pollution, no manual work is stable and reliable operation, saving electricity maintenance free. Solar street lamps mainly adopts dc efficient energy-saving lamps for electric light source such as energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps, LED lamp, etc., power: 18 to 60 w Scope of application: solar street lamps road, garden, square, garden, the scenic spot, no electricity, power shortage or cable laying inconvenience area of road lighting. Relevant link: products related to solar street lamps, solar street light information, solar street light related technical knowledge

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