Guangdong Shangyou Lighting Co.,Ltd

     Guangdong Shangyou Lighting Co.,Ltd was founded in Guangdong city in Dongguan province in November 2006, the company registered capital of 50 million, after 10 years of development and precipitation, it has a certain scale and strength, Also it set up a production base in Guangdong and Jiangsu province ,we focus on outdoor lighting, engineering lighting, solar lighting and commercial lighting and also electrical appliances, light source lamps, lamp pole, monitoring rod and other conventional and non conventional lighting product design, manufacture and installation, the products are widely used in public buildings, highways and city roads, rural roads, bridges, tunnels, mines, landscape lighting, city lighting, railway stations, airports, ports, square, gas station, stadium hall, plant growth, fishing, large supermarkets, brand stores, hotels, residential, tourist attractions and other projects business field.

     Over the years, the company's solutions and products are widely used in a variety of domestic and foreign enterprises and public works ,such as: Xiamen Shenzhen high-speed railway, Dayawan Economic Development Zone, Huizhou Duoping Road, Shanxi Yanzuo expressway, Guizhou Zunyi botanical garden, Guangzhou Steel Corp, Vanke, Shenzhen Yantian port, Mengniu Dairy, Chaoshan Airport, South China Sea garbage environmental protection power plant, Bank of Dongguan, Guangzhou Liuxihe National Forest Park ,Guangdong friendly farm, Lvliang new city, university of Macao, Beijing Automotive Group, Xinjiang construction corps NongBaShi, Guizhou Biwei expressway and Zhangjiajie laomuyu tunnel, Tianhe Sports Center, Guangxi Yulin Yuwu road, Iran's central iron ore and so on. With our excellent quality of service, professional and technical level, we provide from effect drawing design, product manufacture, installation and other products in one service, we has maintained a sustainable competitive advantage in the fierce competition in the market ,and we realize the steady development of the company.

     The company located in the high-end products and services, uphold the concept: the same product than the quality, the same quality than the price, the same price than the good service ,we sincere service to every "business friend".

The development of Guangdong shangyou lighting Co.,Ltd:
   2006, the company was founded, focusing on metal halide lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp light source electrical appliance sales;
   2008, the company successfully involved in the field of non polar lights, and began to explore the wide range of environmental protection and energy saving lighting products;
   2009, the company involved in road lamp, landscape lamp, lamp, control rod, solar street lamps and other products production and sales;
   2010, involved in the field of LED lighting, environmental protection and energy saving lighting products;
   2012, the company introduced the professional personnel for program planning and effectiveness of the design , to assist the various engineering companies to participate in the tender
   2013, the company recruited the talents for construction management ,and involved in the installation of lighting products;
   2014, the company expanded the scale, the sales center moved to Zhaoxuan Science Park in Nancheng, office area of 1000 square;
   2015, the company launched a strong training program and implementation of various departments, improve the level of professional and technical personnel to provide customers with more quality services;
   2016, the company expand again, moved to Niushan Waijing Industrial park in Dongguan, now it has a superb team in design, manufacture, installation and technical services , customer service ,and we can create more profit and value to our  customers;

      Our company is fixed in middle and high level products and customers. We produce the best quality lighting with competitive price and services, so our products are popular in the global market all the time!